7 days 6 nights HAWAII!!!
4 days 3 nights Mexico or Bahamas
5 days 4 nights Mexico
3 days 2 nights Las Vegas
ALL FOR $698.00




vacation sales
vacation sales
vacation sales

Vacation Sales – Free Business Opportunity

Perfect for: Part Time Work, Full Time Work, Stay Home Moms Retired People, Extra Income, Earn $500 to $2000 per Week



I need to talk to my wife / husband

I can appreciate that, but this offer is limited to one call per household. Remember you have 3 years to plot, plan and discuss your options. So, let us get your package processed today so you could enjoy the future.

I don’t give out my credit card on the phone

I can appreciate that, however, you certainly trust MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Discover, don’t you?
And you would agree that they are reputable institutions.
We would not have all four major credit cards unless
They trust us also, so sit back and relax
You don’t have anything to worry about, let’s get your
Package processed today, OK?

Why do I have to pay now?

The accommodations are pre-paid because it is an open-dated package. This is to simply to make sure when you use the vacations sometime in the next 36 months, you don’t have to worry about the prices changing higher. So, let’s get your package processed today, OK?

The reason we ask for payment now, is because these are expensive packages, and in a year or two from now they will be even more expensive, we want to make sure your pricing doesn’t change.

I’ll give my payment when I get dates

_________ (customer), most of the people we talk to have no idea when they are going to go on vacation, That’s why we give you a 3 year open-dated package. So, I don’t need your dates right now. The important thing today is to secure your package, so that you don’t miss this great opportunity as being one of the lucky people being invited to participate. You’ll have plenty of time to plan your vacation. So, let’s get your package processed today, OK?

I don’t know who you are

We are a license, bonded and insured full
Service travel agency and is a proud member of the International
Association of Travel Agents, as well as a member of the Airlines
Reporting Corporation and CLIA the Cruise Lines International
Association, we bring direct to you travel packages that normally
Are not available to the general public. So, let’s, get your package
Processed today, OK?

I don’t have my credit card on me

That’s ok; we can just put it on your debit card. Or if you like we can do a check by phone, so let’s get your package processed today, which method would you like to use.

My spouse has my cards

That’s ok! Just put me on hold and call her/him. I’ll hold. Take as long as you need. Remember, I only have one call per household for our vacation packages. So, let’s get your package processed today, OK

I had a bad experience on one of these vacation packages before.

_________ (customer), I can appreciate that, but if you go to a steakhouse and have a bad steak, you don’t stop eating steak, so relax and have some fun. Remember, we are a full service travel agency with the best credentials in the business. Our customer service and personal Consignor department sets us apart from anyone in the industry.
So, let’s get your package processed today, ok?


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